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Prepare yourself for a personal training experience that is unmatched. Personal training at Exercise Prescription is uniquely designed for your individual needs, and are prescribed following your initial assessment. This is not a one size fits all fitness prescription, because we are all very different in reference to body structure and goals.  All personal trainers employed are required to maintain current a National Training Certification (NSCA, ACSM, ACE, NASM), and CPR/ 1St Aide Certification. 

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Initial assessment is a necessary component that is used to identify an individuals needs. General assessment is open to all members and is primarily comprised on the following: Mass, Circumference, Body Fat, Strength and Flexibility testing. Conducting this assessment enables both you and the trainer to properly assess your goals and limitations. Continued monitoring of body composition will be referenced to these baseline measurements. 

A very detail orientated program that promotes complete athletic development. Sports performance training emphasizes the importance of placing joints in desired positions so that maximal force can be generated, resulting in increased power and quickness. Athletes participating in the program will be placed in the best position to reach their athletic potential. The program is lead by Johnathan Fuentes who has obtained the highest level of certification offered for sports performance (National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). C.S.C.S certification is the only Sports Performance credential recognized by all professional and Division 1 sports programs.  His training experience includes: strength and conditioning at the University of South Florida, NFL combine training, and Sports Performance training for clients ranging from aspiring adolescent to professional athlete.

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