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Exercise Prescription, LLC provides services in personal training, group circuit training, sports performance, membership, SilverSneakers, and nutrition.  

We provide a professional individual experience for all of our members, enabling confidence and clarity in our training philosophy.

At Exercise Prescription, you will succeed.

Personal training - from $35


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Introductory session provides a time for us to get to know one another. Explain your individual needs, and establish training goals.


From the moment I first walked into Pasco Health and Fitness I knew I was in the right place for me. Johnathan and Karen are diligent about making sure I’m exercising correctly so as not to overdo or injure myself.
— Dee E
Simply the best gym and trainers anywhere!
— Danish
One of the BEST decisions I have ever made! I have never been a fan of gyms and never even considered a personal trainer, but after health problems and weight gain, I finally decided to get out of my comfort zone for my own good. Thank Goodness! I train with Johnathan and he has shown me a whole new side of myself. I am getting stronger, feel fantastic and actually like working out!I highly recommend Exercise RX, No Gimmicks, just Regular People of all ages and shapes working hard to get healthy.
— Stephanie W.
Since making Exercise Prescription a part of my life for the past 5 years, I’ve been able to increase my muscle tone, strength, and agility. It’s great to feel younger than my age and to be confident in my abilities.
— Janie F.



To provide clients with highly educated, certified, and experienced health fitness professionals. As a result clients will be placed into a clean and safe atmosphere that is best suited in achieving their individual goals. 

our story


Johnathan began his career as D-1 collegiate strength and conditioning coach. Following collegiate career he began implementing his unique training techniques for achieving optimal strength and wellness at various facilities in the Tampa Bay area. Unfortunately the facilities that he was practicing at wanted him to conform to their one size fits all approach to training clients. With little success in persuading locations in implementing an individualized approach, he decided to open up his own location. The result is Exercise Prescription. This training facility provides a multidisciplinary approach to satisfy each clients' individual needs. The results of our facility speak for themselves, in providing an environment with all the tools necessary allowing trainers to provide the most efficient training strategy for clients.